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Corey Arnold: Wildlife

November 5 - 29, 2014

Portland, OR—Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is excited to present Wildlife, the newest body of work by Portland-based artist Corey Arnold. Even as a child, Arnold had a fascination with the wilderness and animals that bordered on the obsessive. He writes:

I harbored a deep desire to be an animal living in nature and I didn’t have far to travel. The lush gully in my backyard, just out of sight beyond a thicket of poison oak, was home to coyotes, raccoons, possums, stray pets, snakes, lizards, rats and crawdads. Any bustling in the bushes was a potential mystery to unravel or a prey to stalk. I was a particularly curious child, an amateur wildlife tracker, behaviorist and hunter who often pressed the boundaries of human/wild animal proximity.

Wildlife depicts Arnold's absorption and enchantment in images that are at once beautiful and compelling. Like his previous work, these new pictures combine technical mastery with a unique perspective. These gorgeous photographs transfix the viewer with their earnestness and charm. This, Corey Arnold's fourth solo exhibition at Hartman Fine Art, is not to be missed.