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Anna Fidler: Quit the Night! Seek the Day!

March 4 - April 25, 2020

Portland, OR—Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is excited to present Quit the Night! Seek the Day!, an exhibition of stunning new works on paper by Oregon-based artist Anna Fidler. Of this work, Fidler writes:

"The past two years have seen growth and change—my paintings have become bold, geometric, and opaque. These non-objective works are painted spells—incantations that describe feelings such as anxiousness, euphoria, and yearning. To resist objectification, I have abandoned traditional modes of seeing and encourage my viewers to do so, too. I paint moments – both personal and historical – that are transformative. My new works abandon the human form in favor of representing energy itself. This conceptual evolution—figurative to non-objective—is a critical shift in my practice that opens doors to places I am currently exploring, places visited before by William Blake, William Butler Yeats and artist-healer, Emma Kunz.

Huge sheets of handmade grid paper, cut-out stencil shapes, invented symbols penned in ink and flat matte repeated and mirrored forms work together to express my experience of energy—something that cannot be directly seen but experienced intuitively."
This is Anna Fidler’s fourth solo exhibition at Hartman Fine Art.