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Corey Arnold: Hornsund

March 21 - April 27, 2019

"In 2013, I landed by ship at the Polish Polar Station, an outpost maintained by Polish scientists located on the remote Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard in a fjord named Hornsund. At 77˚N latitude, the station is a rare human outpost in the far North, on an island with few year-round inhabitants aside from native polar bears, arctic foxes, and an abundance of tiny reindeer. In early September the sky never grows dark, and I spent long days trekking across chossy valleys and crumbling mountains, exploring the many glaciers that rest and rumble within a 24-hour walk. Some days I'd join a glaciologist on their mission across vast glacial landscapes to check their field instruments and on other days, I would walk alone hauling a heavy backpack of camera equipment with an old WWII rifle strapped to my back for protection from white bears." --Corey Arnold

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is excited to present Hornsund, an exhibition of stunning new work by world renowned photographer Corey Arnold. Made in 2013 in association with the environmental group Project Pressure and shown here for the first time, this compelling suite of images explores an otherworldly landscape on the front lines of climate change. Arnold's photographs depict a vast landscape that is both beautiful and delicate, remote and unknown. Scientists, equipment and inquisitive reindeer inhabit a landscape that is rarely seen yet essential to life as we know it, and now on the cusp of vast change. This is Corey Arnold's sixth solo exhibition art Charles A. Hartman Fine Art. It is not to be missed.