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Rachel Davis: Book of Days

November 2 - December 23, 2017

Portland, OR—Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is excited to present Book of Days, the newest body of work by Portland-based artist Rachel Davis. For much of the last year, Davis' practice has centered on keeping a daily sketchbook and executing exquisite 5x5 inch watercolor paintings based on her thoughts and feelings around current events, from upheaval and uncertainty about the current U.S. administration to devastating natural disasters both close by and far away. She writes:

The small format for the series is very deliberate.  These weren’t conceived as studies for larger work.  The process has been an attempt to quiet the daily noise. Though I had been painting along a more narrative thread, teetering man-made structures in a fragile ecology, with much of my previous focus touching on themes of dramatic change and displacement in China and its intersection with family planning policies that I have struggled to comprehend, this new US political landscape and it’s ripple effect around the world required its own visual language. With how rapidly events have changed from day to day, it necessitated working on something small to respond to with immediacy.  The equivalent of a painted tweet.  

These beautiful and compelling works extend Davis' visual vocabulary and invite the viewer to push pause on the 24/7 visual and textual tsunami, choosing instead to slow down, reflect and find a meaningful and essential path forward... and have a conversation about it.