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Into the Wilderness: Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios

November 3 - December 17, 2016

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is excited to collaborate with Signal Fire, a Portland, Oregon based arts organization, for its upcoming exhibition. Signal Fire brings artists and activists into the wilderness and the wildest reaches of public lands in order to inform and support their individual artistic practices. The retreats and residencies directly connect artists to issues concerning the places they visit as a means of cultivating creative advocacy and generating new work. Hartman Fine Art recognizes the profound relevance of Signal Fire’s mission and that it is contributing significant work and dialog in the community, region, and at large.

Into the Wilderness presents work informed and compelled by the experience of detaching from the everyday world of screens and sensory saturation and reattaching to places where the imagination has time to reflect, expand and inspire. This exhibition will highlight Signal Fire’s Wide Open Studios program, featuring the work of several alumni. Wide Open Studios started in 2013 as an immersive, curriculum-based, backcountry arts and ecology program geared towards students and emerging artists of all disciplines. The program includes week- and month-long trips that travel throughout the American West. Participants have come from all over the country, as well as abroad. In addition to empowering people with basic backcountry skills, programming on these trips includes readers and discussions specific to each region, guest presenters, field trips, and on-site projects. The experience provides opportunities for artists to engage in the natural world through both community and solitude in the wilderness. The impact on participants, and their work, has been said to be powerfully transformative.

The artists included in the exhibition represent diverse disciplines and geographies, and were invited to participate by Wide Open Studios Instructor Kerri Rosenstein, in collaboration with Charles A. Hartman Fine Art. Join us for an opening reception on Thursday, November 3rd to celebrate the artists, learn more about Wide Open Studios, and for a sneak preview of 2017 Signal Fire programs.

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art presents contemporary and modern art that examines our world through subtle narratives. Since 1996, founder and director Charles A. Hartman has provided collectors with specialized access to fine art that reflects his consistently discerning lens. Creating a platform for both regional and international artists, the gallery advances aesthetics that are agile, historically relevant and uncompromising in quality.

Signal Fire provides opportunities for artists and activists to engage in the natural world. Their projects instill self-reliance, catalyze creative energy, and invite interdisciplinary collaboration. They utilize public lands to advocate for the access to — and protection of — our remaining wild and open places in order to enrich and sustain society. Signal Fire was formed in 2008 by activist Amy Harwood and artist Ryan Pierce.