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Jessica Curtaz: Under the Sun's Glare

July 3 - 27, 2013

In her third solo exhibition at Charles A. Hartman Fine Art, artist Jessica Curtaz constructs abstract kinetic worlds using graphite pencil on porcelain white paper and panel. Her building blocks are realistically rendered line drawings of hydrangea blossoms. While from a distance these drawings appear as lines, waves and patterns that practically vibrate with energy, when examined closely they reveal a chaotic dance of floral repetition. At once organic and imagined, these quietly powerful works are breathtaking in their scope and execution, engaging the mind while touching something more essential in the viewer.

Jessica Curtaz has an early background in plant biology that has had a profound effect on her ability to observe life. In 2007, she received an MFA with an emphasis on drawing from Claremont Graduate University. Her work has been exhibited extensively in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. She currently resides in Philadelphia.