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Holly Andres: The Fallen Fawn

March 30 - May 28, 2016

Charles A. Hartman Fine Art is very excited to announce an exhibition of Holly Andres’ newest body of work, The Fallen Fawn, opening March 30, 2016. The Fallen Fawn is Andres’ most recent melodrama inspired by formative childhood memories. In this series of nineteen cinematic photographs Andres illustrates the tale of her two older sisters who, as adolescents, found an abandoned suitcase containing a mysterious woman’s belongings near the river behind their house. They took it home and hid it under their bed and at nightfall secretly dressed in the woman’s garments, applying her cosmetics and donning her jewelry, the curious and naive sisters unearthing a treasure trove containing a sinister secret.

With an exceptional attention to detail, Andres creates highly stylized photographs using elaborately staged interiors, lighting, texture and color to reveal a story that lies somewhere between fiction and her sister’s retold memories. Lush and cinematic, Andres’ images communicate a delicate tension between youthful femininity and childhood innocence to expose dark and unsettling subtexts. The girl’s nighttime performance contrasts with their controlled and stifling environment, leaving the viewer to question: who was this mysterious woman? who are these young women becoming?

Born in Missoula, Montana, Holly Andres uses photography to examine the complexities of childhood, the fleeting nature of memory, and female introspection. She has had solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, Istanbul, Turkey and Portland, Oregon where she lives and works. Her work has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, Time, The New Yorker, Art in America, Artforum, Exit Magazine, Art News, Modern Painters, Oprah Magazine, Elle Magazine, W, The LA Times, Glamour, Blink and Art Ltd. – which profiled her as one of 15 emerging West Coast artists under the age of 35.

Andres’ first major museum exhibition Holly Andres: The Homecoming, premiered at The Hallie Ford Museum in Salem, Oregon in 2013 and featured an oeuvre of 43 large-scale images. It was subsequently exhibited at Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle in 2014 and Fotografica Bogota, Colombia in 2015. An expanded version of the exhibition including her most recent series, The Fallen Fawn and Summer of the Hornets, will open at the Missoula Art Museum this spring.